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Irrigation Services

Irrigation Services

Irrigation & Reticulation design, installation and maintenance and water usage audits, using a variety of materials and sprinkler types from low density polyethylene pipe and fittings through to durable high density blue and green line pipe and fittings and PVC.

Water efficiency is at the forefront with economical sprinkler heads, intelligent design and programming and rain sensors to prevent unneccesary watering available.

Systems can be run from mains water, tap fed, tank water and even grey water systems available. A large variety of brand name controllers used from Hunter, Toro, Rainbird and Galcon can be mounted indoors, on exterior walls, straight off external taps or in-ground with the solenoid valves. A full range of high quality sprinkler types are avilable including Hunter Pro Spray, PGP & SRM and MP Rotator sprinkler heads.

Lawn sprinklers are trenched at the correct depth to ensure no damage occurs when mowing takes place and underground service location for power, water and telecommunications assets is carried out at all times.